New World Front Squat Harness Records! Ray Owen and Peter Gray from Penrith Australia

Congratulations to  Ray Owen and Peter Gray out of Fitness First, Penrith Australia for there successful  World Front Squat Harness Records!

Here is a little background on these lifters from the Powerlifting Xtreme Team.

Name : Ray Owen. ray owen
Age : 43 Height : 5’7 Weight : 92.5 kg
From : Erskine Park , Sydney NSW Australia

World Record : B/W 204lbs  Weight 440.9 lbs Date 18/7/2014
Open Record, Masters 40+ Record, 5th Biggest Front Squat Harness Record of all time.  World Record Board

I am married to my beautiful wife Sarah and we have 2 gorgeous daughters Annabelle and Ellyse.

I am a Prison Officer at the MRRC the largest maximum security remand centre in Australia.

My interests are Powerlifting , coaching other lifters and riding motorcycles. I compete with
Powerlifting Australia and train at Fitness First Penrith where the video footage was taken.

My goals are to continue lifting and competing for Australia as long as my health allows me to.

I train 5 days a week with my powerlifting crew TEAM XTREME !!

Ray Owen

Click here for the video of weigh-in and lift here.

Name : Peter Gray Peter Gray
Age : 57 Height : 173cm Weight : 90-93kg
From : Silverdale, NSW, Australia

World Record : B/W 203.9lbs  Weight 374.7 lbs Date 18/7/2014
Masters 50+ Record, 9th Biggest Front Squat Harness Record of all time.  World Record Board

I work in the wholesale tyre industry in sales and logistics.

Living in Silverdale NSW and training in Penrith at Fitness First. We have our own powerlifting team, Xtreme Team, within that gym. I still enjoy competing as a masters lifter and hope to keep competing for many more years. I have a true passion for this sport.

At my age nothing is better than training with others who are all pushing themselves looking for that extra kg because we all feel great when anyone of us succeeds.

Thank you
Peter Gray

Click here for the video of weigh-in and lift here.

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