New Front Squat Harness Video

Having problems with front squats? Shoulder pain getting the better of you? “I love Front Squatting but my delts hurt to much” “The Front Squat is by the far the best leg and core exercise ever but I just can’t squat deep enough because i can not keep my elbows up through out the squat” [More Info]

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen does it again! NEW WORLD RECORD!

World Record Date: 18/08/2012 Congratulations to Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen from Norway for once again breaking the 105kg  (231lb) Weight Class Record for the Open Mens and Masters 40+ Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen broke the record with a strong 457.46 lbs Front Squat with the Getstrength Front Squat Zercher Harness. Taking the record off Jesse Kellum from USA Front Squat Harness World Record [More Info]


Congratulations to Natalie Jarman for smashing the Masters 40+ Women Under 176lbs Front Squat Harness World Record by Front Squatting 154.32lbs @ BW 143 lbs After viewing the video we can all see there’s plenty left in the tank and I am sure Natalie will be back to break her new World Record really soon. Natalie [More Info]

New World Front Squat Harness Records! Ray Owen and Peter Gray from Penrith Australia

Congratulations to  Ray Owen and Peter Gray out of Fitness First, Penrith Australia for there successful  World Front Squat Harness Records! Here is a little background on these lifters from the Powerlifting Xtreme Team. Name : Ray Owen. Age : 43 Height : 5’7 Weight : 92.5 kg From : Erskine Park , Sydney NSW Australia World Record [More Info]

New Womens Front Squat Harness World Record – Chinayd O’ Sullivan

World Record Date: 03/08/2012 Congratulations to Chinayd O’ Sullivan from New Zealand for breaking the Women’s under 80kg (176 lbs) weight class World Front Squat Harness record. With a very strong and impressive  143.3lb Front Squat, and word from the coach Aron Noble  is, she is all ready making plans to smash her new record! We wish [More Info]


Congratulations to Joanne Newman for breaking the Masters 50+ Women Under 80kg Front Squat Harness World Record. I’m sure we will be hearing a lot from Joanne in the future.  Joanne is on a record smashing mission. Joanne Newman details below: My name is Joanne Newman. I was born on the 21st of September 1960 [More Info]

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Open Front Squat Harness World Record Smashed – Kelly Gray

Congratulations to Kelly Gray from Australia for smashing not only the masters 40+ World Record but taking the open World Record as well! Kelly Gray Australia 462.97 lbs Front Squat with the Getstrength Front Squat Harness @ Bodyweight 216.05 lbs  43 years old – weight 97kgs – height 176cm’s – live in Brisbane Australia – [More Info]