Congratulations to Natalie Jarman for smashing the Masters 40+ Women Under 176lbs Front Squat Harness World Record by Front Squatting 154.32lbs @ BW 143 lbs

After viewing the video we can all see there’s plenty left in the tank and I am sure Natalie will be back to break her new World Record really soon.

Natalie is 49 years of age, 164cm tall and weighs in at 65.2kg.  She is the managing director of Whatever Marketing in Tauranga, New Zealand, where she lives.  Natalie is an ethical vegan and passionate foodie.  You will often find her in the kitchen cooking up plant-based creations for her friends and family.  A keen powerlifter, Natalie is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and the front squat harness has allowed her to continue training despite her injury.

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GS Front Squat Harness World Records Official Board

Front Squat Harness World Record Announcements

All time top 10 Front Squat / Zercher  Harness lifts

1. James Pitbull Searcy  (USA)B/W 339lbs Weight 600 Lbs Date 2/10/2011 video confirmation

2. Dave Napper  (Australia )B/W 261.25 lbs Weight 551.16  lbs Date 21/7/2015  video confirmation

3. Steve Lousich (New Zealand)B/W 242 lbs Weight 507  lbs Date 10/8/2008  video confirmation

4. Steve Kelly (New Zealand)B/W 359lbs Weight 507  lbs Date 31/8/2014  video confirmation

5. Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Norway) B/W  230.78 lbs Weight 456.5 lbs Date 18/08/2012 video confirmation

6. Jesse Kellum (USA) B/W 213lbs  Weight 455 lbs Date: 01/05/2012 video video confirmation

7. Ray Owen (Australia) B/W 204lbs  Weight 440.9 lbs Date 18/7/2014  video confirmation

8. Jono Macfarlane (New Zealand) B/W  Weight 440 lbs Date 6/7/2008  video confirmation

9. Steve Kelly (Australia) B/W  216.05 lb Weight 462.97 lbs Date 04/12/2015  video Confirmation

10 Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Norway) B/W  228 lbs Weight 424.39 lbs Date 27/07/2012  video Confirmation

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