New HT Sports Steel Strongman Log with 2 Grip Option

Hi Team, 
NEW Getstrength Manufactured HT Economy Steel log
Your Price: 499.00 NZD excl GST (You save 300.00 NZD)
The steel log can be used for endurance/speed training to maximum power training.Log movements involve different muscle not always used in conventional movements.Used with a hammer grip for improved functional movement.”Serious logs for serious athletes!”
This HT Economy Cambered Bar will fit all Olympic Plates
Colour : Silver Star
Weight Limit : None
Size between Collars : 1400 mm Will fit most Power Racks and benches
Overall Length: 2000mm
Great for Tricep training in the bench plus overhead work.
Brought to you by HT Sports New Zealand.
Stay Strong,
Steve Thompson

Team Getstrength - Specialised Strength Equipment made for Athletes by Athletes here in New Zealand and supplying the World with the very best! Information you can trust - Team Getstrength has over 60 Years of Strength Training experience.

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