Strength Band Care

Special care of your Strength Band will help prolong their life. Do not leave your Strength Band in the sun or bright lights, as with all natural rubbers oxidation will occur.  When they are not being used it’s a good idea to keep them in your gym bag or dark space.

Key points to keeping your Strength Bands in top conditions are:

  • Keep your Strength Bands inside at room temperature when not use.
  • Wipe and dry your Strength Bands after use if they get wet during use.
  • Keep your Strength Bands in a storage bag or dark space when not using them
  • Keep them out of the hands of children
  • Do not abuse the band, use the Strength Bands for what they have been designed to do.

Strength Bands should last you a very long time if you look after them. But eventually, they will need to be replaced. Inspect you Strength Bands prior to exercise or use, if they look like they are damaged or beginning to fray in any way please to do not use them! They will need to be replaced.

Proper storage of your Strength Bands will prolong the life of the Strength Band.

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