The Steve Louisch Interview (NZPF President)

The Steve Louisch Interview (NZPF President)

Age: 41
Bodyweight: 110

Best Squat:317.5 Kg
Best Bench: 252.5 Kg
Best Bench without a shirt(raw):215 Kg
Best Deadlift:270 Kg
Best Total:802.5 Kg

GS:Steve could you give the readers a little background about your life? Very briefly, married with two kids 14 & 6. Lived in Auck since 1990. Before that lived in Wellington, Hastings, Whakatane, Lake Rotoma, Auckland, England, Wellington (Born there).

Current occupation is divisional manger for a LPG company, other interests include Olympic weightlifting, ancient history, travel, restoration of cars/motorbikes. I also run a small business from home in industrial rubber and foam.

GS: How long have you been weight training? Since 1981

GS: How long have you been competing in powerlifting? Since 1982

GS:How did you get started in powerlifting? I was introduced to lifting by a teacher when I was at school at Whakatane High.

GS:What has been your competitive history in powerlifting? Started competing in Whaktane in 1982 at novice meets. Lifted for about 3 years then moved to Wellington. Took a break for about 5 years , but still trained. Did first Auckland Champs in 1989 at Gillies. First Nationals in 1990 and every one since ( won 7 titles).First Bench Nats in 1997 (won 9 titles) First Oceanias in 1992 (won 4 titles) First Oceania Bench in 2004 (won 3 Titles. First Worlds in 1997 thru to 2003 ( Best placing 12th ) and then Masters Bench(best placing 3rd) in 2004, 2005. Also been to 2 World Bench 2001, 2005 best placing 6th).

GS: What goals do you have, short term and long term? I want to keep competing as long as the body holds out. Would like to break Nat bench records in100kg. Would like to compete in 2007 Masters Worlds and Open Worlds. After that we will see.

GS:The above lifts you were reached by what training innovations? Spent a lot of time working on partial lifts to train weaknesses in certain parts of the lift. I.e bench rack, incline dumbbell and barbell work,

GS: What equipment do you use to train the bench/squat/deadlift?   ie Chains/bands/blocks/ etc Only blocks in bench

GS: What would comprise a typical training week for you? Mon/Wed/Sat 2 hours each

GS: Do you have a training partner? or partners? And how important are
 they to you your training methods? No, but I have a lot of support from the lifters who train around me.

GS: What powerlifting apparel do you wear? Inzer Hardcore Squat, Titan Fury bench and   no deadlift suit. Inzer redline wraps.

GS: Do you train in the same bench shirt you wear on the day? No, just the same size

GS: Do you have a special bench technique when wearing a bench shirt? Focus on keeping bench tight in the groove during descent  and ascent.

GS: Tell us a little about your nutrition? Try to keep a balanced diet with a high protein ratio. Plenty of water and regular meals 6-7 per day.

GS:What supplements do you take? Protein, flax seed oil, HMB for recovery, BCAA’s and creatine sometimes

GS: How has the sport of powerlifting changed your life? Keeps me fit and healthy and provides a sense of discipline, plus also great social scene. Being a referee since 1994 gives you a balance view of the sport.

GS:How do you see the sport of powerlifting in NZ in the future? As he president of NZPF I would like to see increased participation both in NZ and internationally. I would like to see more investment from SPARC to help lifters get to competitions and also see more internal development  with workshops and seminars.

GS: Are there any tips on training you could give to beginner powerlifters? Work on building strength and rely less on equipment. Make sure you get a good foundation at the beginning of the year and work on conditioning. Look at other programs and seek advice from experienced lifters but formulate your own programme to suit you.

GS: Are there any final comments you would like to make or people you would like to thank? There are too many people individually to thank who have supported me over the years. But I would like to thank family, friends, fellow lifters and officials.

GS: Thanks heaps Steve, NZPF would not be the same with out you. All the best for the future.

Steve Lousich

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