Interview with – Spida Hunter Fitness Professional

Spida Hunter

Fitness Professional


Greatest achievements as a trainer
Training Jason “Pshyco” Suttie, Shane “Choppa” Chapman other fighters. Achieving goals with “normal” clients.

Years in the Industry

What strength coach or trainer has had the most impact on you and why?
Juan Carlos Santana = Personality, break it down from complex to simple, fun, real and ego free
Vern Gambetta = Functional training. Global thinker.

Ashley Jones = First person to expose me to more than muscle head stuff, in weekend course 2001. Friendly, real and ego free!

What are the positives of being a Strength and Conditioning Coach / Trainer?
Helping people reach more then what they have currently. Being part of a “team” and working together to get more!

What are the negatives?
Feeling isolated at times would love to mastermind with others that are keen to share and learn.

What advice would you have for those wishing to become a part of the industry?

Learn from everyone, everyone has their place. Be weary of those that solve the world through S&C exercises.
Never stop $%#^en learning and or thinking you are above anyone else!
Learn more then just “strength”!
For me, I like to look at the WHOLE person then chunk them down, if you know your stuff but are a prick then I will admire your “strength” knowledge but outside of that…..not for me!

What is your favorite exercise? 
Is this a trick question Steve???
If we are talking bang for your buck…

Strongman lifts.

I use what I’ve got for the person/equip/training maturation etc…

Favorite piece of equipment you have in your gym?
Squat rack, KB’s, Chin up bar, TRX, Strength bands, Chains.

If you could change one thing what would it be?
In gym?

For my gym to be sponsored by & and learn from Ash in person.
What you reckon Steve?
Don’t ask, don’t get

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