How to Jump Higher to Dunk 2018


Jump Progressions
Ashley Jones

We use a lot of jumping movements in our programs. Usually as a contrast with our power and strength movements. Reading through archived articles of Louie Simmons I found some gems that I think have really added to our programs.

The knees to feet jumps have been a great way of not only improving our power production but also in teaching the key element of hips through, which re-inforces this concept in all our Olympic movements, such as clean and snatches. We have used a counter movement swing with the arms to generate explosive movement and have added weight via weighted vests and dumbbells held in each hand. The best I have seen so far is a set of 5 down with 30kg DB’s.

Advanced movements that Louie has written about include the use of an Olympic bar and to perform initially a clean movement into a squat position with the bar at shoulder position with elbows up and forward. The most advanced is moving from the kneeling position with an Olympic bar held in snatch grip against the thighs into a squat snatch with the bar and body in the receiving position for the Snatch. I have had one player who regularly can do this advanced jump movement.

To regress slightly, other methods to load the jumps that we have tried are:

a)    knees to feet with hands locked onto hips
b)    knees to feet with the hands locked behind the head
c)    knees to feet with the arms by the side

All of these movements add a degree of difficulty to the movement.

Start by assuming a kneeling position on the floor with the toes turned under the foot in contact with the floor. Kneel tall initially then rock the hips back, keeping the entire body tight, so that the buttocks contact the heels and then rapidly drive the hips forward and up to the entire body leaves the ground and you land in a deep squat receiving the position.

The other jump that we get a lot out of is the simple box jump from two feet starting position in front of the box, no step in, using arms with a counter movement swing. Our current record is to a 125 cms box, the athlete weighed 100kg. The use of rubber gym flooring squares has allowed us to increase the height of the jump progressively by 2.5cm, rather than that allowed by the heights of our four boxes (75cms, 90cms, 105cms and 125cms). This is yet another idea that we owe Louie a vote of thanks for.


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