Interview with Simon Kent Strength & Conditioning Coach Auckland Rugby

Name: Simon Kent

Profession: Strength & Conditioning Coach

Team: Auckland Rugby

Greatest achievements as a trainer: 

Being in a position to influence and shape the physical development of the athletes that I work with.

Years in the Industry: Nine

What strength coach or trainer has had the most impact on you and why? 

Being involved in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting has shaped many of my ideologies. There is no hiding place on the platform.

What are the positives of being a Strength and Conditioning Coach / Trainer? 

Watching an athlete achieve his or her goals.

What are the negatives? 

When I start thinking there are negatives, I’ll give it away.

What advice would you have for those wishing to become a part of the industry? 

Absorb everything, ask questions, keep the good stuff, be honest with yourself and find a pathway that enables you to get the most out of the people that you train.

What is your favorite exercise?
 Clean & Jerk

Favorite piece of equipment you have in your gym? 

Barbell – Simple, yet so effective.

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