Atlas Stones Set

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Click here – Atlas Stones

Atlas Stones Set ( 4 Stones)

Stone 1 – 65lbs 30kg – 12 inches

Stone 2 – 95lbs  43kg – 13 inches

Stone 3 – 115lbs 52kg – 14 inches

Stone 4 – 145lbs – 65kg  15 inches

These stones have been compacted by vibration removing air bubbles and creating a very durable hard wearing stone.

Used in Strongman training and events

Click here – Atlas Stones

Used in Strongman training and events

“There are three variations to the Atlas Stones event. In one, the stones are placed directly in front of the platforms and the competitors must simply lift and place them, generally the lightest stone being placed on the highest platform. In another, the stones are placed in a diagonal line, with the first stone being in front of the first platform and each subsequent stone set further back from the course with the heaviest stone being furthest away. The third variation sees the platforms in a straight vertical line with the stones in front of each, and the competitors must place the stones and then move a short distance to the next one. In recent competitions this is typically the final event.” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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