Many years ago, I read a book and in this book, was a chapter on Henry Ford. The chapter gave a very detailed description of Henry Ford’s life achievements and character. The story takes us into a courtroom where Henry Ford was suing a journalist whom he believed defamed him. The journalist basically claimed and [More Info]

Nice Little Finishing Hybrid Movement – Ashley Jones

Author Ashley Jones As most of you know by now I am a firm believer that you get a stronger core by lifting as heavy as you can with good form on basic movements, throw in some strongman exercises and that just about does the trick. Also delving back into the past you can come [More Info]

My Top 6 Specialty Bars

  Hi Team, here is a quick list of my favorite Specialty Bars we manufacture here at the Getstrength Factory. All the Specialty bars mentioned below can be purchased online here and are available at the Getstrength Gym in Onehunga, Auckland along with 20 other different Specialty Bars. 6. 2 Inch Thick Bar At number [More Info]

Our new HT Sports bars are in stock now

Hi Team, Our new HT Sports bars are in stock now: We have been testing these bars in the Getstrength Gym for over 12 months and they have pass the vigorous test the GS boys have been giving them! They got hammered and they just don’t give up. *HT Sports Power Bar (Rated 300 kg) [More Info]

In Season Training – Ashley Jones

Author Ashley Jones In season training is often problematic with trying to fit in all elements of a strength & conditioning program and the added effects of coming out of one game and preparing for the next game often with a seven day or less turn around period. The following is based on a full [More Info]