Clean start-Audit time Part 2 By John Rahme

April 26th 2012 I wrote an article I wrote called CLEAN START-AUDIT TIME.

The article or short story audited my TRAINING LIFE in a fair and honest way, identified and help bring to light items in which I could improve on and also to identify and praise traits and actions which were helping me excel.

At the time, as I wrote in the article, it was a very daunting thing to do. To be totally honest in what one was doing, his beliefs, training principles and treatment of athletes. The difficult part of that process was learning to be honest but not harsh on oneself. To be constructively critical but not as I have said on many occasions, whipping yourself with a heavy whip. The balance of this was critical to the outcome. I believe that in that moment and period of my life, the audit was a success.

From one day to another day things never stay the same, we change, we grow, we learn. We also suffer, hurt and have painful days. Throw all these things in a bag and add the dreaded or uplifting feelings and emotions which goes with each event, each moment and each day, we sometimes just have to stop and get a grasp on how we have changed, where we are and where we believe we are headed. We need to keep redefining ourselves and our relationships. Not just intimate relationships but every day and business relationships.

Redefining anything can entail the slightest of change to help you better understand or redirect your focus or it could be an overhaul of your entire way of approach and thinking about a certain topic or relationship. This also goes the same for an event, place or thing.

But first, the word redefining, itself needs a definition. You firstly must define this. Sounds a little crazy? Let me explain. I myself gave the word a definition, a meaning. I did this so when I use the word, I know exactly what it meant to me. Not just literally but more important emotionally. It gave me direction and focus in doing so. It almost gave the word a boundary as such but more so a purpose in the process.

I am personally at times am redefining things on a daily basis, it’s not just me that changes but it’s the people and conditions around us. The world changes. Each day new things are invented, new people are met. Some people leave our life and a certain way of doing something can change at a drop of a hat. So do I just sit dormant when this happens or do I adapt quickly and grow and learn? I become more understanding of myself and what I expect or what people may want and expect. I assess whether I want this in my life or not. This process of redefining also helps and easily adjusts our feelings and emotions, because behaviour in my experience can change easier than feelings and emotions and I have found that I am much more accepting and adaptable in changing these feelings and emotions.

These words I share with you are from a place of good intentions. I share this in the hope that somehow it can help you in any difficult part of your life and with any difficult decisions that you need to make.

I encourage you to constantly challenge your thoughts, as strong of an allied your thoughts can be, as strong as your downfall they may lead to.

I at this point of time would like to leave and close with you as I did on April 26th 2012 when I wrote CLEAN START-AUDIT TIME.

Ok, that was hard but needed to be done. Please let me make something clear, I am far from perfect in my life and training life, I have numerous defects of character. These need to be addressed and are been dealt with. I find the more I look outside the less I see of inside. Now I look inside and deal with inside, for wherever I go I will be there and it is I that I need to live with.

Yours in training