Permission Slip – By John Rahme


“Excuse me mum, but I have a permission slip here for you to sign, it’s for an excursion we are going on with the school”

How many permission slips in our lifetime have we had to have our parents or guardians sign for us growing up?

All typed up and printed out with a detailed explanation of the day, date, time and to where we were going, what we were going to see and when we would be back.

Personally, in my life, it was at least a weekly if not a daily event in my household. A permission slip for every and all occasions we had at my school.

Very quickly, and as simple as it is and stupid as this may sound, let’s understand what this form was or is. Simply put, it was a form which gave us or yourself permission to do things. A sign off, stating that it you had being given permission to attend an event or do an activity. SIMPLE.

Permission slips were and still are today used daily in schools. At work and in relationships with customers, permission slips are still used, not the exact way as they are used at schools, but still fashioned and written giving you the go ahead to do something I some capacity.


There are times in which we may find it difficult to do something which may feel uncomfortable doing. Something unfamiliar and uncomfortable to us. Especially if it places us as the person above others. Something which generally we may have been taught, is not the right thing to do.

There are some occasions which we may really feel that we want to do something and really wished the process could be made more comfortable if that third person gave us permission to do so. Just like our parents, guardian or teaches did. Give us permission.

We can feel at odds with this and our feelings and emotions are mixed and confused with this scenario.

There is a simple remedy.

And as simple, silly and childish as you find or see this, the answer is simple.



What I suggest that you do is do as that statement suggests that you do.

Put pen to paper and write out a simple statement giving yourself the permission to do what you want to do.

Giving ourselves permission to do things can be daunting. Especially if it goes against some conditioned behaviours and conditioned thought patterns and thought processes which have laid deep within you and in your thinking and behaviour. I’m not suggesting at all that these conditioned behaviours and thinking are incorrect. What I am suggesting is that if you are at loggerhead and unsure of granting yourself a selfish and peaceful resolution to an issue or problem and know deep within you what the answer is or may be. Then, give yourself permission to do so.


Myself, personally, I write out my own permission slip. Stating what it is I am giving myself permission for and my reasons why. This is my method, when I write this out, it helps me become clearer of my reason and reasons of giving myself permission to do something. It also helps me set free within me or the clutter and confusion of the event. Sometimes it directs me to a better place, and at times, it clears up some irrational thinking I may be having.

I (insert name here) give myself permission to ……………………

It’s as simple as that, and I can assure you that you will find resolution in what you are looking for.

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