My Top 6 Specialty Bars



Hi Team, here is a quick list of my favorite Specialty Bars we manufacture here at the Getstrength Factory. All the Specialty bars mentioned below can be purchased online here and are available at the Getstrength Gym in Onehunga, Auckland along with 20 other different Specialty Bars.

6. 2 Inch Thick Bar

At number 6 would be the basic Thick Bar also known as the Axle bar in the strongman world. Fantastic bar for variation in all movements/exercises that are performed with the standard Olympic Barbell.  If you are looking for increased activation and muscle development of the forearm and grip, you would be hard pressed to go past the Thick Bar range.

5. Multi Bar

New to Getstrength Specialty Bar range is the GS Multi Bar, I love this bar for increase range in bent-over rows plus cambered Tricep Extensions (Skull Crushers) . The GS Multi Bar was originally designed to fit with the GS Boss Bench Pull to increase range in the upward pull while in a prone position on the bench.
The Multi Bar is also has a thick grip, you once again get huge forearm activation.

4. Tricep Bar

Number 4 we have the GS Tricep Bar  with six different grips. okay it’s hard to beat 6 grip options with one bar! This is why the Tricep Bar comes in at number 4 on my list. The bar gives athletes with shoulder impingements a new life. With the 6 grips, plus the hammer grip, more than likely you will fine a grip that you can bench with, without pain. (there are exceptions to the rules, and severity of injuries, please consult your exercise/rehab physician first)
The Tricep bar is a fantastic bar for bringing up your tricep and front delt strength. The Tricep bar can also be used for Tricep Extensions and Overhead Press variations

3. Cambered Bar

The Giant Cambered Bar comes in at number 3 on my top 6 list. The Giant Cambered Bar is just the ultimate in exercise variations! Unless you have trained with a Cambered Bar you just can not understand the feeling.  The Giant Cambered Bar engages the posterior chain in Goodmornings and Squats like no other bar!  If you love Goodmorings, you need a Giant Cambered Bar.
My top exercises with the Giant Cambered Bar are, Goodmornings standing and seated, Box Squats, Overhead Press ( for shoulder stability )

2. Trap Bar

Number 2 we have a oldie but a goodie! The GS Trap Bar. The Trap Bar just spells out leg power! Throw away your $8,000 leg press, You just can not beat the Trap Bar for leg power and size development. (Full Range, Full Quads) The GS Trap Bar is also a great bar for shoulder press. Give it a go. You can introduce block Trap Bar work for a greater range of motion.

1. Safety Squat Bar

We have come to number 1, the greatest Specialty Bar of all time and our biggest seller! My favorite the GS Safety Squat Bar. The most gut wrenching bar of all! The GS Safety Squat Bar has broken many men and women! This bar has been designed perfectly to rest on your traps, you can basically squat with no arms (That’s a exercise in itself)
The GS Safety Squat Bar is the most versatile of all the Specialty Bars (see list below) The bar weight is set forward of your centre of gravity, unlike conventional bars. Interested in the Safety Squat Bar? you may wish to check out my article of Safety Squat Bar Comparisons 

Exercise List:

Box Squat

-Low Box Squat
-High Box Squat
-Stance Warrow/Wide

Regular Squat
-Stance Narrow/Wide
-Suspended Chain Goodmornings
-Rack Goodmorning
-Round back Goodmornings
-Arch Back Goodmornings
-Seated Goodmornings

Front Squats
-Box Squat
-Chains/Bands -Regular Front Squats
-Stance Narrow/Wide


Zercher Squats
Reverse Crunch
Tricep Extensions
Extra weight on Hyper Machine/Glut Ham raise

Craig McGuigan 250+40 chains SSB Box Squat

Safety Squat Bar Suspended Chain Goodmornings.

There you have it, my top 6 Specialty Bars list. If you would like to add a comment or you disagree, please email me at

Thanks for reading

Stay Strong,

Steve Thompson


Steve Thompson

Steve is a New Zealand Powerlifting Record holder and founder of He has competed in two IPF World Powerlifting Championships. Steve holds four New Zealand Powerlifting records and two All-round Weightlifting World records. Competed in the sport of Powerlifting for more than 18 years. Specialties: strength and conditioning.