How to Maintain your Getstrength Legacy Bar

Do not leave the Getstrength Bar loaded with weights on a rack.

Our Getstrength Speciality Bars are all individually crafted and built to last a lifetime and carry a lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

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The Speciality Bar Collars are made from 50mm solid mild steel. The maintenance needed on these bars is only a visual concern. The ends if not being used will get a service rust. But the bars will, unfortunately, outlast your life expectancy! So if a bar that looks pretty is what you are after read on.

A penetrative spay (WD-40, CRC 5-56) and a rag is required to wipe down the bar every few weeks if not being used or the bar needs to be stored.

GS Bars

If the bar has been left in a damp area for several months then a slightly more abrasive approach is needed.


Penetrative spay (WD-40, CRC 5-56) with a light grade sand paper will be required to remove any service rust that has been obtained during the bars inactivity.


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