Win a Free Zercher Front Squat Harness

Win a Getstrength Front Squat Zercher Harness Valued at $358 NZD


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Contest Ends 1st June 2012 5pm NZST

(The Getstrength Front Squat Harness will be won!)

Contest Open Worldwide

One thought on “Win a Free Zercher Front Squat Harness

  1. Park Firebaugh says:

    If you’ve tried Zercher squats without the Getstrength Harness they’re a pain in the ass, which is why you rarely hear of zerchers. However, with the harness Zerchers have to be the most under rated exercise. If everyone had access to the Getstrength harness, Zerchers would easily replace back squats. Why do many trainers start clients with goblet squats? Because many people find it easy to learn good squat form to depth without back strain. Zerchers are basically goblet squats, but with much heavier weight. The Getstrength harness allows you to use some serious weight with a much lower threat of shear stress on the back and without knee pain. Before I got the harness, I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to squat anymore, primarily because I’m 53. I now realize, that age wasn’t the problem.

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