14 Week Strength Cycle Based on 4 days

By Steve Thompson 

Hi Team, I have put this training program together for myself and my training partner so i thought it would be a good template to post on Getstrength.  Steve Thompson

Cycle starts Monday 

I will let you know how it goes on the GS Forum under training logs. https://getstrength.com/strength-training-logs/679-14-week-strength-cycle-based-4-days.html

I completed a similar strength cycle about 10 years ago and had very good result.

Program based louie Simmons and Westside Barbell principles

Steve Thompson


Managing Director
Getstrength.com International

Day 1

Max Effort Squat :
work up to 3’s. when the weight feels heavy, drop to singles. max out to your training day max effort.

Week 1 – Cambered Bar Squat


Week 2 – Cambered Bar Squat


Week 3  – Rickshaw Bar Deadlift


Week 4  – Rickshaw Bar Deadlift


Week 5  – Front Squat with Harness


Week 6 – Front Squat with Harness


Week  7 – BB  High Pull


Week  8 –  BB  High Pull


Week  9 – Safety  Squat Bar


Week  10 – Safety  Squat Bar


Week  11 – Rack Deadlift below the knees


Week  12 – Rack Deadlift below the knees


Week 13 – BB Squats


Week 14 – BB Squats


Max effort followed by posterior chain assistance: 2 of the following


Glute Ham Raises
Band / Cable Pull Throughs
Good Mornings BB/ Seated
Romanian  Deadlifts
Hyper Extensions


Follow assistance


Ab Work  1 – 2 exercises low rep high weight


14 week cycle


Day 2

Max Effort Bench:


work up to 3’s. when the weight feels heavy, drop to singles. max out to your training day max effort.


Week 1 – Band BB Bench


Week 2 – Band BB Bench


Week 3  – Floor Press


Week 4  – Floor Press


Week 5  – Tricep Bar Bench


Week 6 – Tricep Bar Bench


Week  7 – DB Bench High Rep ( max reps per top 3 sets)


Week  8 –  DB Bench High Rep ( max reps per top 3 sets)


Week  9 – Block BB Bench


Week  10 – Block BB Bench


Week  11 – Reverse Band Bench


Week  12 – Reverse Band Bench


Week 13 – Band Chest Assisted Bench


Week 14 – Band Chest Assisted Bench


Max effort followed by tricep/chest  assistance: 2 of the following


Rack Lockouts
BB Floor Press
JM Presses
DB/BB Extentions
Decline Bench
Incline Bench
Close Grip with various bars and/or bench positions incline/decline/flat
Tricep Bar
Cambered Bench Bar
Block Bench



Follow assistance

Upper Back



Rear Delt Work


Day 3

Speed Squat:


Speed Box Squat – vary box/chains/bands – 10×2

Olympic  Movement  3 reps (choose one of the below movements for speed  assistance)
Power Cleans /  Power Snatch / Olympic Clean or Snatch from Block ( 400 or 600 block)

Assistance work/ab work same as Max Effort day ( less reps higher weight loads)


Day 4

Speed Bench :


Bench Variation – vary with bands/chains/grips –  8 x 3 reps


Shoulder Work  assistance: 2 of the following
D.B Rotations
Plate Raise
D.B  Rear Raise
Side Raise
DB 21’s
BB Press
DB Press


Bicep assistance  ( 1 of the following )


BB or DB Curls


Active Band Recovery


Strength Band pulls, extensions, press ( high rep work)



Extra days can consist of GPP Training/ Active Recovery

Steve Thompson

Steve is a New Zealand Powerlifting Record holder and founder of Getstrength.com. He has competed in two IPF World Powerlifting Championships. Steve holds four New Zealand Powerlifting records and two All-round Weightlifting World records. Competed in the sport of Powerlifting for more than 18 years. Specialties: strength and conditioning.