How to Maintain your Getstrength Legacy Bar

Do not leave the Getstrength Bar loaded with weights on a rack. Our Getstrength Speciality Bars are all individually crafted and built to last a lifetime and carry a lifetime warranty More information on warranty The Speciality Bar Collars are made from 50mm solid mild steel. The maintenance needed on these bars is only a [More Info]

Interview with: Simon Thomas Tasman Makos Air New Zealand Cup & Tasman Rugby Academy

Name: Simon Thomas (Simon15) Profession: Strength & Conditioning Coach Team: Tasman Makos Air New Zealand Cup & Tasman Rugby Academy Greatest achievements as a trainer: Being offered the role with the Makos for Air NZ Cup 2009 Years in the Industry: In 1st year of Air NZ Cup, 1 Year with Academy, 2 Years with Junior Academy, 3 ½ [More Info]

Getstrength’s Steve Lousich Smashes Guinness-World-Records

Getstrength’s Steve Lousich Smashes Guinness World Record with the Getstrength Human Bench Press Machine Record attempt: Most Benchpresses of a Person in 1 Minute Record currently held by: Fernando Sauger, Spain, 111 times in one minute. Record smashed: Steve managed an incredible 121 bench presses  in one minute!

Taking orders now – Elbow Sleeves NZ

Taking orders now. New stock arriving this week. The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves NZ by Getstrength are made from 5 mm industrial strength neoprene. The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves provides compression around the elbow joint which will help support the elbows during vigorous exercise The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves will create warmth in the joint, [More Info]

Checklist for World Powerlifting Competition

Checklist for World Powerlifting Competition Over the last few years the NZPF has seen a significant growth in the number of competitors in overseas competition. For those who have not traveled a lot, and especially for first time travelers to Powerlifting events, below is a checklist to help you prepare for what may be the [More Info]

Video: GS Economy Safety Squat Bar in Action!

Check out the new videos of the Economy Safety Squat Bar in action below: Build strong posterior chain, with the Economy Safety squat bar. The bar weight is set forward of your centre of gravity, unlike conventional bars.This bar is great for max effort good morning or Squat. A must for all serious gyms and athletes. [More Info]