Week 20 – Your Workout of the Week We call this one B*****D!

We came up with 4 of the hardest 6 minute circuits we could and put them together. we’ve done it once a fortnight for the last few months.

You do the 6x1min efforts none stop and then rest while your Partner does his 6min all out effort.

Bwt Squats
Press Ups
Mountain Climbers
Squat Thrust
KB Swing Alt Hands (20Kg KB)
All done with 10Kg Wtd Vest On

Boxing on Target Mits
Squat Thrusts
Alternate 3 times

KB Alternate Cleans
KB Alternate High Pulls
KB Alternate Swings
Go through twice

Power Cleans with 60KG
Bwt Squats
Mountain Climbers
Go through twice

Finally once we’d held back spewing, we headed out for 10x75m All Out Hill Sprints.

Give it a go, and enjoy…….or don’t, in fact we haven’t each time we’ve done it!

Yed Bawan

Team Getstrength

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