New Front Squat Harness World Record – Dave Napper from Australia

Congratulations to Dave Napper, for smashing the Open Men’s under 120kg (264 lb) bodyweight Front Squat Harness World Record held by Getstrength gym member Steve Lousich since 2008.

The open men’s record stood at 507lbs, Dave smashed it by 44 lbs with a nice deep 551 lb Front Squat with the GS Front Squat Harness on 21st July 2015.

Dave Napper’s next target is 600lbs +, to take the crown of the biggest ever front squat done with the Front Squat Harness, we wish him the best of luck and have no doubt he will reach his goal.


Weigh in taken prior to warming up for the front squat:
Edited video of the 250kg lift:

Dave Napper details below:

My name is Dave Napper
I live in Brisbane, Australia
I own and operate my own gym, Brisbane North Barbell.
My interests are competitive IPF powerlifting and strongman.
I’m working towards long term goals of 350kg squat, 200kg bench press and 350kg deadlift.
Dave Napper
BHSc (Nut Med)
Strength & Conditioning Coach and Registered Nutritionist
Brisbane North Barbell – Strength, Conditioning & Nutrition
Unit 8, 3-5 Hinkler Crt Brendale, 4500

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