New World Front Squat & Zercher Harness Record! Steve Kelly New Zealand

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Congratulations to Steve Kelly for becoming the new World Record holder of the super heavy weight class with a Zercher lift of 507 Lbs using the Getstrength Front Squat Zercher Harness.

Name: Steve Kellysteve-kelly
Age: 12/11/1973 40 years old
Weight: 359 lbs
Height: 185cm
Lift: 507 lbs
From: Auckland, New Zealand
Competing for Masters 40 plus

I work for the traffic department for the WellConnected Alliance who are construction the Waterview tunnel here in Auckland. I live in Orewa which is north of Auckland with my wife and our British bulldog. My hobbies include powerlifting, spending time with my family and playing the odd xbox game. I have only been powerlifting 1.5 years and really enjoy the challenge of pushing myself.
Special thanks to my trainer, Kirk of Elite Trainers of Takapuna, Auckland.

All time top 10 Front Squat / Zercher Harness lifts

1. James Pitbull Searcy (USA)B/W 339lbs Weight 600 Lbs Date 2/10/2011 video confirmation

2. Steve Lousich (New Zealand)B/W 242 lbs Weight 507  lbs Date 10/8/2008 video confirmation

3. Steve Kelly (New Zealand)B/W 359lbs Weight 507  lbs Date 31/8/2014 video confirmation

4. Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Norway) B/W 230.78 lbs Weight 456.5 lbs Date 18/08/2012 video confirmation

5. Jesse Kellum (USA) B/W 213lbs Weight 455 lbs Date: 01/05/2012 video video confirmation

6. Ray Owen (Australia) B/W 204lbs Weight 440.9 lbs Date 18/7/2014 video confirmation

7. Jono Macfarlane (New Zealand) B/W  Weight 440 lbs Date 6/7/2008  video confirmation

8. Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Norway) B/W 228 lbs Weight 424.39 lbs Date 27/07/2012 video Confirmation

9. Ben Puccio (USA) B/W 190lbs Weight 405 lbs Date: 23/03/2012 video confirmation

10. Peter Gray (Australia) B/W 203.9lbs Weight 374.7 lbs Date: 17/07/2014 video confirmation

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