Week 5 – In Season Weights

Author Ashley Jones

Firstly as the great Bruce Walsh used to say before his premature passing, all training in the season is health dependant, it is really not much point in setting up a fully periodised 12 week program only to find that by week 4 that Player X has an high ankle sprain and Player Y has a Rotator Cuff issue of some magnitude. So with this being said, planning is by nature extremely variable, as Rob Deans is want to say, “It is a living document”, so below is what I would like players to be able to do but all is open to negotiation and change, so that the player benefits from what they are able to do.

These programs are based on a Saturday to Saturday game day schedule.

Warm ups

Often players will come straight from a field based activity or training so may not need a warm up and will want to get straight into it, the below is used if they are coming in fresh. They can choose from either of the listed options.

Option 1:

45 seconds of Kettle Bell swings super setted with 45 seconds of skipping x 5

Hip Mobility – Forward and back hurdle walks or over and under hurdle

Rotator Cuff – Cuban Press or Scare Crow DB 2 x 15 reps

Option 2:

Complex sequence with empty Olympic bar

Muscle snatch from floor + hang power snatch + Snatch balance + Squat snatch press + overhead squat + Combo good morning x 5


Clean grip power snatch + hang power clean + sots press + squat press + front squat x 5

Workouts Structure

Monday – Upper Body (Size or Strength focus)

Tuesday – Lower Body (Strength or Power focus)

Thursday – Full Body Power or Lower Body Power + Upper Body Size or Strength


Monday – Full Body

Tuesday – OFF

Thursday – Full Body Power or Lower Body Power + Upper Body Size or Strength


Monday – OFF

Tuesday – Full Body

Thursday – Full Body Power or Lower Body Power + Upper Body Size or Strength

Full Body

1 x Olympic

1 x Squat

1 x Hamstring/Lower Back

1 x Upper Body Push

1 x Upper Body Pull

10 minute core circuit

Sets and Reps

Size (upper body only):

w1 – 12/10/8 w2 – 10/8/6 w3 – 8/6/4


w1 – 6/5/4 w2 – 5/4/3 w3 – 4/3/2

Power Session

Again stay with the same exercises for a 3 week period then change for next 3 week block

1 x Olympic/Full Body

1 x Squat

1 x Upper Body Push

Contrast each with a lower body or upper body plyometric exercise

Lower Body Jumps:

Knees to feet variations, Jump onto Box, Depth Jump variations, Repeat hurdle or long jumps

Upper Body Plyometrics:

Clap Push up variations, Jump up onto a box, Med Ball drop and push, Cross over push ups on a Med Ball, Wheelbarrow Hops on hands, Rebound Drop Push ups


w1 – 3 x 5 @ 60%/3 x 6 plyos

w2 – 3 x 4 @ 70%/3 x 6 plyos

w3 – 3 x 3 @ 80%/3 x 6 plyos

Hope you can use some of the information to develop your own programs for the specific groups you work with , cheers, ashley

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