Fast-tracking the development of young rugby players in the four “esses” – Bruce Ross, CEO, MyoQuip Pty Ltd

Fast-tracking the development of young rugby players in the four “esses” – size, strength, speed and skill by Bruce Ross, CEO, MyoQuip Pty Ltd (November 2008) A two-year program of accelerating the physical and skill development of young players at Sydney University has returned big dividends. Within days of losing the 2006 First Colts Grand [More Info]

6 Things “I Know” – Kosterzoo

The great thing about the strength and conditioning world is that just when you think you know something, someone comes along and pulls the rug from underneath you. While I’m still just a baby in the game I’ve been around long enough to experience my share of training ideologies, thinking I was onto the next [More Info]

Olympic Lifting vs Powerlifting Methods – Tom Mclaughlin

The following article is sure to provoke a steady flow of feedback, as it is a much disputed fact of strength development. Arguments will be presented from both views and I will then attempt to give readers my own personal opinion of what I feel to be the primary tool in improving strength levels. Olympic [More Info]

Nueral Potentiation – Mike McGurn

Nueral Potentiation RATIONALE Nueral potentiation has been widely used by athletes from many sports before competition. I have used it myself when working with St. Helens Rugby League Club and it inadvertently coincided with the period of our greatest successes, winning World Club Championship, Super League, and Challenge Cup Final.

More Random Ideas and Thoughts … Part 1- Fergus

Some Random Ideas and Thoughts … from an amateur After reading Ashleys article I figured I’d throw out a few ideas of my own for others to criticise… On a transatlantic flight recently I had some time and started to write down 80 principles or ideas I had as it was dawning on me that [More Info]

Periodisation for the Northern Hemisphere Season, Part 1 – Tom Mclaughlin

Author Tom Mclaughlin Unlike the majority of articles on this site, the following review looks at how to plan and periodise strength & conditioning over a 9 month period. Here in England (UK) the competitive period will begin on the first weekend in September and could potentially run all the way through to the last weekend [More Info]