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Rugby Program

Rugby  Ashley Jones  Common Injuries/PrevalenceGarraway et al (2000) concluded in a study of professional rugby players, that an injury occurred for every 59 minutes of play and that the majority of injuries were to the knee, hip and thigh.  In a New Zealand study (Bird et al, 1998), the injury rate was cited as 10.9 […]

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Interval Training For Fitness/Fat Loss

Ashley Jones Fitness Trainer  Crusaders – Super Rugby “Interval Training For Fitness/Fat Loss” Whether it be inside the gym on the various pieces of computerised exercise equipment or outside in God’s gym the principles are the same. A greater intensity of effort can be applied during intermittent exercise protocols than can be maintained during a […]

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Programming for Athletic Performance

Damian Marsh, Athletic Performance Coordinator, ACT Brumbies Rugby Union Ashley Jones, Physical Performance Coordinator, Crusaders Rugby Union Some days we feel like John Nash, searching for that “one original thought” that changes the way people look at a particular problem. To develop a system of programming that is “profound in its simplicity” and remove the […]

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