Extreme Bench Press Variations for the Ultimate Press result! – Steve Thompson

Lets talk variation, every body knows bench press, there are still a few out there that don’t realise that a bench press consists of a full range of motion from chest to full lock out. A 1RM in the Bench Press does not count if your training partner is trying for a all time best [More Info]

Lower Body Power & Strength

Lower Body Power & Strength Ashley Jones   These lower body programs originally came out of deciding to help out a great friend of mine with some advice for assisting with his burgeoning Cycling career. It also gave me an opportunity to gather my thoughts and to organize the many options I have programmed over [More Info]

Strength Training for Rugby/Rugby League Players

Ashley Jones International Strength Coach The attached strength program was specifically written for a Rugby prop forward but the philosophy and mechanics behind it make it applicable for any player wishing to increase their strength levels, irrespective of the position or the code that they play The role of the strength and conditioning coach is [More Info]

Power Play

Power Play Ashley Jones A simple and basic approach to inseason power training for all sports specifically rugby. Alternate weekly between two different set/rep/load protocols. In the first week utilize a schedule based on light and fast, an inter muscular co-ordination approach (Schmidtbliecher): 3 x 5 @ 60% of max, light and fast

Simplicity, Complexity & Chaos

Simplicity, Complexity & ChaosRandom Ideas to Start the New Year By Ashley Jones As the old year closes and 2008 begins I find it is an opportune time to analyse my training and ideas and decide what to discard and what to keep for the year ahead. I remember I had an opportunity a few [More Info]

Double Trouble

Double Trouble Ashley Jones, Crusaders – Super  Rugby two (2) exercises complexed together as a hybrid movement. They can be used as a warm up for any program, an loading sequence on their own or a lead in…..By Ashley Jones A few years ago I wrote an article for Milo (www.ironmind.com) entitled Triple Treats, where I [More Info]