New Front Squat Harness World Record – Dave Napper from Australia

Congratulations to Dave Napper, for smashing the Open Men’s under 120kg (264 lb) bodyweight Front Squat Harness World Record held by Getstrength gym member Steve Lousich since 2008. The open men’s record stood at 507lbs, Dave smashed it by 44 lbs with a nice deep 551 lb Front Squat with the GS Front Squat Harness on 21st […]

Team GetStrength had an AMAZING 2015 NZPF Raw Powerlifting Nationals,

Team GetStrength had an AMAZING 2015 NZPF Raw Powerlifting Nationals, with a bunch of medals, records and personal bests! Carolina Dillen – Gold Open -63kg with 347.5kg total Zain Solanki – Bronze SubJR -74kg with 340kg total Steven Shi – Gold Open -66kg with 502.5kg total and NZ Squat Record Jak Tan – Gold JR […]

How to use the Front Squat Harness All-Sport Correctly

In my last article “Are there any disadvantages to the Front Squat Harness All Sport (compact), other than not being able to do Zercher Squats”  I touched on how to use the new Getstrength Front Squat Harness All-Sport. In this article I would like to go into more detail on technique with the Harness. Now the new […]

Getstrength Gym Membership

24/7 Key based membership Our mission statement is to create and nurture great lifters regardless of ability, age, weight or gender. Promote safe lifting for long, successful careers. And to foster a strong culture of support and comradeship. Injury free lifting through correct technique and discipline You are not just joining a Gym, you are joining a […]

HOW NOT TO KILL YOURSELF (Training for Masters) PART 4

Squat day change 3 2nd squatting movement Back squat to calve raise. We’re all different here but working up to around 20 kg down from your top set would be a good number.Why this movement ? As the weight is get heavier I find that my start position get further forward as set goes on,not […]

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