More Random Ideas and Thoughts … Part 1- Fergus

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Some Random Ideas and Thoughts … from an amateur

After reading Ashleys article I figured I’d throw out a few ideas of my own for others to criticise… On a transatlantic flight recently I had some time and started to write down 80 principles or ideas I had as it was dawning on me that I have read thousands of articles, met many great minds, been influenced by great coaches and have lots of principles of my own developed from these guys – but never put any of them on paper.


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New Front Squat Harness Video

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Having problems with front squats?

Shoulder pain getting the better of you?

“I love Front Squatting but my delts hurt to much”

“The Front Squat is by the far the best leg and core exercise ever but I just can’t squat deep enough because i can not keep my elbows up through out the squat”

“Front Squats kills my shoulders”

Well we have the solution, No more shoulder pain, Instant technique adjustment, No Squatting depth issues, Train the legs to there full potential.


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