Week 2 – Your Workout of the Week – Carl Jennings’ Blitz

Carl Jennings’ Blitz

This was published on Canberra Raiders Web-site a few years back when he was conditioner for Matt Elliot. He has since followed him to Penrith Panthers. He began his association with Matt Elliot and Rugby League in general, at the Bradford Bulls in the UK Super League where he made them a physically formidable outfit that raised the bar in physical prowess and athleticsim in UK Rugby.

The session is done in “Grinder” or “300” fashion- so you just get off the rower and start the Burpees and then get straight into the Push Presses or High Pulls. You stop when you’ve done the last 3min row. I’d advise anyone who fancies giving it a go that its not for the nervous. I’m sure I remember that Ruben Wiki could it in around 20 mins- once you’ve tried it you’ll see its no walk in the park.

Rower 1000m
10 x Bastados (Burpees)
10 x Jammer lifts 40kg
Rower 800m
12 x Bastados
12 x Roman High Pulls 40kg
Rower 600m
15 x Bastados
15 x Jammer lifts 40 kg
Rower 500m
18 x Bastados
18 x Roman High Pulls 40kg
Rower 400m
20 x Bastados
20 x Jammer lifts 40kg
Rower 300m

In the absence of machines substitute Jammer lifts for Push Presses/ Power Jerks, and the Roman High Pull with Clean High Pulls with an Olympic barbell loaded with 2 x 15 Kg plates.

Carl has also started a consultancy service via his web-site for those who are interested more.

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