Week 19 – Your Workout of the Week

Been on a pre-season camp in Exeter, so been training in a different gym, which is good as it freshens things up.

A1) DB Bench Press 4×4 (last 2 sets were clusters of 2×2) all at 40kg dbs
A2) Neutral Grip Pull-Ups 4×4 (last 2 sets were clusters of 2×2) all at 35kgs

B1) Close Grip Bench Press 4×6 all at 80kgs
B2) DB Rows 4×6 all at 46kg db

C1) Behind Neck Press 3×8 all at 45kgs
C2) Wide Grip Pull-Ups 3×8 all at bw

D1) Overhead Tricep Extensions 3×15 on cables


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