Week 12 – Your Workout of the Week

Not something I did personally, but we had our last day of phase 1 for pre-season. In the afternoon the whole squad completed a strongman competition in teams of 3. Below are the events listed in order…

1) Wheelbarrow course. (200kgs of sandbags in barrow navigate 60m slalom course).

2) Tyre Pull. Sit in tyre and pull other tyre till it touches the one you are sitting in. (distance is 30m).

3) 80kg Sled Pull. (pull sled backwards over 30m)

4) Sandbag carry. (carry 2x40kg sandbags on shoulders, sprint 30m and back)

5) 100kg plate challenege. (5x20kg plates-player must get them from one of the 30m course to the other without them touching the floor or any assistance)

6) Bear crawl. (on all fours crawl 30m there and back)

7) 80kg Sled Drag. (drag sled facing the way you are going, again over 30m)

8) 50kg db Farmers Walk. (30m there and back)

9) 50 hammer strikes each arm with 14lb hammer.

10) Sandbag Clean & Press. (with a 50kg sandbag clean and press it before throwing it as far as possible and then repeating until over the 30m distance)

Not your conventional strongman but still plenty of events in there designed to push the players team work, communication and work capacity.



Very nice indeed it is a perfect blend of strongman and conditioning for a rugby squad, competition and hard work you just can not beat it for a team sport such as rugby well done Tom, cheers, ashley


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