Week 11 – Your Workout of the Week (Great format for leg size)

Hi Team, thought you might like this, many years ago a great mate of mine, Paul Wright, was bodybuilding and he used to do a great format for leg size, he would front squat to concentric failure having one forced rep to return to be able to rack the weight then with no rest he would dive back under the bar and continue to squat, this time in back squat style until again requiring a forced rep to return to the upright position in order to rack the weight, he would do 4 to 6 sets of this killer, trying to get at least 6 reps on the front squat first. As my goals are somewhat different I used the same two exercises but trained in waves:

5,3,1 front squat followed immediately by 5,3,1 back squat (the first set of back squat’s with the final set of front squat weight)

3,1 front squat followed by 3,1 back squat

1 front squat followed by 1 back squat

so 12 sets in total with a volume of 28 reps, this program I will follow for the next few weeks and see what happens, I may even use the same format and perform a power or squat snatch as the first exercise and a power or squat clean as the second movement and maybe a push press or military press and a split jerk, will keep you posted, ashley

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