Week 37 – Your Workout of the Week

With some improvisation tonight we had a bit of fun.

Worked up to a set of 3 reps at 140kg on the Bench Press with the 2inch Thick Bar plus 2 inch block and foam.

Had a bit of foam left over from an upholstery job we have been doing. So I attached 100mm block of foam to my 2 inch wood block with a old knee wrap lying round.

Great exercise.

Followed by something I sore on Youtue.com

Using the Tricep Bar (Football Bar) 10 reps on each grip no rest. (10 x Narrow 10 x Middle 10 x Wide x 4 Sets. Worked up to a max weight of 40kg (Just got the reps)

7 x 8 reps D.B Tricep Extensions 10 sec rest

D.B Seated Clean 3 x 10

Hammer Curls 4 x 10

Then home for Sushi and Sake

Steve Thompson


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