Week 29 – Your Workout of the Week

Warmed up with dynamic stretching for 5 minutes

Trap Bar Deadlift: 2×3@67kgs, 2×3@87kgs, 2×3@107kgs, 1×3@127kgs, 1×1@137kgs, 1×1@147kgs, 1×1@157kgs, 1×1@167kgs, 1×1@177kgs (please note the bar weighs 27kgs)

KB Lunges 3×10 each leg (KB’s weigh 16kgs each)
Back Extensions 3×10
Thick Band Pull Throughs 3×20

Ab Circuit: 3×10 plate crucnhes, 3×20 toe touches, 3×10 Cable Pull Downs.

Finished with completing my age in chin-ups in as few as sets as possible:

13, 6, 4, 2.


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