Week 41 – Your Workout of the Week

Hey guys same set up for today’s workout and can be applied either of three ways, depending on where you wish to place more emphasis:

3 x 3 first exercise

4 x 4 second exercise

5 x 5 third exercise

or you could reverse this sequence


5 x 3 first exercise

4 x 4 second exercise

3 x 5 third exercise

today was chest so:

5 x 3 Incline Bench Press
4 x 4 Flat Bench Press
3 x 5 Weighted Dips

so working on a 5 days a week schedule for for strength/power rather than size and strength endurance the set up would be

Monday – Power Snacth from High Blocks, Power Clean form Mid Blocks, Dead Lift from floor

Tuesday – Incline Bench Press, Flat Bench Press, Weighted Dips

Wednesday – Front Squat, Safety Bar Squat, Cambered Bar Box Squat

Thursday – Weighted Chins, Bent Over Row, Hammer Low Row

Friday – Bradford + Military Press Combo, Trap Bar Shoulder Press, Seated DB Shoulder Press,

cheers, ash

Team Getstrength

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