Week 23 – Your Workout of the Week

Hey there, I just finished giving one of my players a special weight training menu as a change up from what he has been doing for a while, he is lower body injured at present so thought I might treat him, enjoy, ash

Warm up: 1 set of 12 reps on each of these movements with minimal rest in between each exercise.

DB L Raise, Cuban Press, Overhead Shrug, Y T I complex, Seated DB Lateral Raise, Seated Front Raise, Seated Bent Forward Raise, DB Scare Crow, Empty Can Raise

8 sets x 3 reps Bench Press s/s Bent Over Row

6 sets x 4 reps Incline Bench s/s Pull Down to Chest

4 sets x 6 reps Seated DB Clean s/s Seated DB Shoulder Press

3 sets x 8 reps DB Floor Press s/s DB One Arm Row

2 sets x 12 reps Dips s/s Chins

1 set x 24 reps Hindu Push ups s/s Fat Man`s Chins feet of Swiss ball

45 minutes total training time from start to finish, 30 – 45 seconds rest between sets

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